Can i use Cubase 7 on two different PCs at the same time?

Hello, my father uses Cubase 7. He uses the usb-license dongle in his studio (on a windows machine). I want to use cubase 7 at home (Windows). Is there a way i can use Cubase 7 at home without the usb dongle? i heard about some software that lets you do this. Or can i make a duplicate usb dongle? please help.


Only when you can borrow his dongle.

And while you use it, he can’t. So only once at a time! :slight_smile:

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As posted above no. Not Cubase 7/7.5.

However there is a version of Cubase that does not require a ‘dongle’.

‘Cubase Elements’

Limited when compared to the ‘big boys’ yes but might suite your needs.

Check out the ‘Extensive comparison chart’.
Keep in mind that the chart is from last year (2013). Some things may have changed.

Good Luck!

Thank you guys for the replies. :slight_smile:

I came across this Sharing dongles over LAN and Internet | VI-CONTROL

according to the forum the elicenser can be shared over the interent. Does anyone know if this is legit?

Why don’t you try their demo and let us know?

It seems to me it would be very problematic though, since you would be at the mercy of your network connection for it to work, and of course, you must understand that it still only allows one instance of Cubase per license.

There are no actual magic beans. :wink: