Can I use Cubase VSTs and content in other DAWs?

Hi, tried searching forums but didnt find anything, apologies if already answered.

When I use ableton (suite) or studio one (professional, demo) I can access cubase standalone VSTs I own like groove agent, halion etc no problem.

Is there any way I can also access stock cubase FX VSTs such as bass amps, delay plugins, multiband comp, frequency EQ etc for use in another DAW, or are these locked to Cubase only? I thought they might be useable given that they are all VSTs (standard format?) but I couldnt find any of these listed in my VSTs folder (was going to try and point other DAW to that folder and see if they scanned successfully for use in that DAW)

Similarly - is there any way of opening all the stock loop / audio content I have bundled with Cubase in another DAW, or is this all proprietary and loved to cubase only?

Thanks in advance


No, it’s not possible to use Cubase native plug-ins in other DAWs.

Thanks Martin

You cant use Cubase vst plugins in other DAWs but you can use VST Instruments like Padshop and Retrologue in any other DAW.
They show up in my Pro Tools and Reaper as well.