Can I use Cubase without the USB dongle?

Sorry for the stupid question but the process is pretty confusing.

I’m ready to pull the trigger today and purchase/download Cubase Pro but wondering if I’ll be able to use it without the dongle since it’s on backorder.

Any clarification appreciated!

No, only Elements and AI work with the soft elicenser.

Cubase SE, the other sub-Elements version that is bundled with various products but not sold as a retail product, works with the soft eLicenser as well.

Nuendo, Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist require a USB eLicenser.

Gotchya - thanks gents.

Elements will do for now and I can upgrade to Pro when USB is available.

Heck, I’ve still got 20 days on Trial - maybe it’ll show up before then but I’d only be saving $5.

The current half price sale on Cubase ends on 3 June. If you want to upgrade to Pro, you should buy the upgrade before the end of the sale. It doesn’t matter if you do not activate the licence on a USB eLicenser until after the sale ends.

I wondered that too. Thanks for pointing that out - will do!

Thanks to all.

Waita sec - The website clearly states the “USB-eLicenser is required to activate, try and use products like Cubase Pro/Artist, Nuendo and WaveLab Pro.”

So if I buy Pro before the sale ends and the USB licenser is still on backorder - I can’t use the software until I get the licenser…?

Correct. You cannot activate a Cubase Pro licence without a USB eLicenser.

I hope that Steinberg will come up with a way ahead for those interested in buying Cubase in the sale who cannot obtain a USB eLicenser in time to try and buy the application before 3 June. However, there is no guarantee they will do so.

That definitely sucks.

I’ve really been enjoying working with Elements so far so if Pro is this and more, I’d be comfortable buying now at the discount, even if I have to use Reaper until the dongle arrives.