Can I use effects on different outputs?

hi guys!

im looking for a good interface to control my outputs in my studio with internal effects.
I have 4 monitors + sub + subpack chair.

I need to EQ every stereo signal seperate (like HP on the main monitors).

Is this possible with one of the UR series?

I only see videos about putting effects on the INPUTS, not the different main outputs or headphone outs.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any interface doing this by itself… all interface I know can do it together with a DAW or some other software… but non by itself…

Thanks for answering,

In the UR series manuals it says you can put effects on the inputs, and it kind of says you can also put effects on the headphone mix(es).
So its a bit vague…they use mix 1,2,3 for different outputs in the UR28 (that desktop interface) for example, and you can save dsp settings in the actualy hardware.

Does anybody have experience with this?

Only on the inputs, those in total become the output in every mix. You cannot put FX on the ouputchannel itself

ah i see, thanks…