Can I use Halion 6 in Ableton?

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing Halion 6, but I couldn’t find information on whether I can use it as a VSTi in Ableton Live 9?
I am running 64bit windows 7.
Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can use both Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 in any 64 bit DAW supporting VST, AU or AAX plugins. Same goes for everything else in Absolute 3 (except for AAX, which is only supported by Halion and Halion Sonic right now)


I would recommend to download a trial and find out yourself:

On Windows it comes as both vst2 and vst3 so you should be able to use it in Ableton Live.
It’s 64bit only though. Depending on which version of Live you use this might be an issue.

Is there a VST 2 version for Mac? I only see the VST 3 in my install and Ableton doesn’t run VST 3.

The VST2 version is Windows-only.