CAn I use Loopmash for comercial use ?

Hello Friends,

I have begun to work with Loopmash bit on my own drum loops but I have also found some great things I want to put in a production ? It is one of the presets for Loopmash and then I have added some effects to it. But it is pretty much the same as in the preset ? . Can I use that in a production of my own just like that ? . The things in Loopmash are alot of " finished " things. There are some really cool things that could go direct into records.

SO does it work like that ? . I knwo I have paied for Cuabse 6, so do I own also those things in Loopmash ?




Hi reposity,

Yes you can! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks,

But what if ex 2 artists do exact the same and pull out a loop from Loop Mash and then put it on a record ? . Who did then copy who :slight_smile: And they both got it from a preset.

But super I will use it.



Hi Reposity,

With the purchase of Cubase 6 you purchased the right to use the loops.
This doesn’t mean that own the copyright (you did not create the original loops).
To avoid the problem you mentioned we recommend you not to simply use the factory presets as they are, but change here and there some parameters or add another loop, effects or other tracks to the LoopMash beat. This way you have a more original beat that no one could copy that easy. Put some of your own creativity in there! :slight_smile:

What you can’t do is create your own sample library using these loops and sell it under a different brand.