Can I use more capacity power for UR44 and UR242?

Hi. I have a question about the UR44 and UR242.
In the case of UR44 and UR242 the capacity power has been designated as 12v 1.5a (UR44) and 5v 1a (UR242).
Is it possible using 12v 2a (UR44) and 5v 3a (UR242) power ?

This shouldn’t be a problem with electronically stabilized power supplies.
The interfaces only consume as much current as they actually need (and that is usually less than the original power supply can deliver), the voltage always remains constant.
However, despite everything, it is always advisable to use the power supply units recommended by the manufacturer, e.g. if warranty repairs are required.

Thank you P.A.T.
I have another question.
Is there any chance that the noise is caused by the power supply other than the ground?

Noise is a very general term. What noise are you talking about?

NO !
12V +/- 10% cannot work on 5V or opposite. Current or Amps if you are using substitute power supply, then MORE amps are better, more amps more power “Watts” , if you use 12V power supply on UR242 (5V) your unit will get damage.

White noise.
In my case, It is invisible to the naked eye in spectrum analyzer.
However, when I use EQ to increase all bands to the maximum, I can see that there is white noise linearly from the 200 hz band(I cannot certain that it is noise floor or if it was imported from another source.
So, I try to mobilize all the ways I can.
I am trying to create a grounding environment or try to use a usb cable with emi.
This is the reason why I ask the power capacity.

Are you saying it’s okay if the ampre is a little bigger? (What if voltage is the same?)

Yes, more Amps doesn’t matter.
If Voltage is the same with more amps you will have more power available P (power)=U(Voltage) x I (Amps/current). Higher amps usually means use of lover voltage and thinner cable

Sorry, but the question was clear!

That is of course wrong. The higher the actual current consumed by the device , the thicker the cable has to be.
The voltage level is irrelevant for the cable thickness

I don’t think the white noise is from the power supply. If you had spoken of hum (50Hz or a multiple of it), it would look different.
There are internal voltage stabilizers and capacitors in the UR interfaces that smooth the supply voltages so that even inexpensive power supplies do not cause poor sound quality.

Again NO !!!

I’m not going in the details, anyhow have you ever wondered why we use HV high Voltage for popwer distribution ???10Kw, 250Kw, etc …
YES, it has to do with cable thicknes
Higher Voltage, means less Amps for the same power

Um… now I am agree your information. I see , then I am going to try using usb emi cable.
Thank you for the information and your time.

Thank you for the information and your time !!!.

I didn’t question that.
If you want to get a power supply unit, you first look at the required voltage and then at the required current. The voltage must correspond exactly to that which the device needs, in the example of the UR44 it is exactly 12V. The maximum available current of the power supply unit must at least correspond to what the device requires. But it can also be chosen higher. E.g. 2A instead of 1.5A.
We agree on that - right?
The power (P = U * I) then results from these considerations

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