Can I use my Mac Speaker as Monitors?

I’m running Cubase LE 8 on a fairly new iMac. I’m familiar with ProTools LE on PC but this is new.

I’m podcasting and have been using Audacity but it gets unstable with multiple tracks of music, interviews, sound effects.

My input device is a Presonus Firestudio Mobile. Condensor mic is hooked up to it. I seem to be recording audio fine. The ASIO driver shows Presonus Firestudio. A wave form shows up in the project window.

I would prefer to have output go to my (boring, old, vanilla) computer speakers as opposed to having to hook up something to the Presonus itself but I can’t find the appropriate setting or instruction. So basically, I hit play and nothing happens. The “monitor” button is not

Any hints? Is this possible? I’m sure being completely new to Cubase is a big drawback and I’m trying hard to get familiar but I’d sure like to get this set up so I can get further into the fun stuff :slight_smile:




If you want to use 2 Audio Devices, you have to Add an Aggregate Device in the MIDI Audio Utility (MAX OS X utility). Then you can use Inputs of one Device and Outputs of another one.

Aloha F

I use C8 Pro but this procedure should also work with what you are using.

1-Go to: Devices—> Device Set-Up—>VST Audio System.
2-Find the ASIO pop-up and choose ‘Built-in Audio’.

This will route your stereo output to the iMac’s internal speakers. (mine sound pretty good)

When you want to go ‘back to normal’ just choose the Presonus device
in the same pop-up window as #1.

Good Luck!

But in this case, you cannot record via PreSonus, and listen the signal via iMac’s internal Sound card at the same time.

Looks like the aggregate device setup option worked. I’ve recorded a short test audio through the Presonus and I’m monitoring through the speakers. So far so good and thanks for all the help! Next I tackle the podcast project with multiple tracks, backing music, and sound effects. I’ll keep you posted!