Can i use my old Cubase Pro license if i buy an upgrade to Pro 11?

Currently i have a Cubase Pro 8.5 license on an elicenser. If i buy the upgrade to Pro 11, can i use my Pro 8.5 together with the Pro 11?

You can use any version of Cubase Pro. You will just have to update it to use further versions. For old versions you won’t have any restriction

I have the Pro 8.5 on one elicenser and want to activate the Pro 11 upgrade from 8.5 on another elicenser. In that case will the Pro 8.5 and Pro 11 license still be available on two seperate elicensers? Both elicensers are registered to my own Steinberg account.

Obviously if you upgrade a license with the resulting discount, you don’t get to keep the original license. :golfing_man:

Q: Is the new licence additional, or replacement?
A: replacement

Q: will the new licence authorise launch of previous version of Cubase.
A: yes

I upgraded my cubase 10.5 pro license to 11 and I was able to use Cubase both versions of Cubase until today. I did that with every update and I did not had any problem to open an old version of Cubase. So the Cubase 11 Pro license will open every version of cubase until 11.