Can I use my PC Cubase key commands in Mac?

I was wondering if I could import PC key commands to the Mac.

Looks like the extension is xml.


Yes, you can. Just use Cmd instead of Ctrl and Opt instead of Alt on Mac.

Hmmm… Umm that’s a very quick answer… turns out there are other complications. For example… You may have to do some tweaking to your OSX settings to make The standard Function keys work. The default behavior on the Mac is that F1 through F12 perform system wide functions. So you have to turn that off or use a special key combination to get the standard function keys to work on the Mac.
Also, I have a Mac Mini, which means I have the original keyboard (yeah… I still have it… been meaning to find a better one!) which has no Num Pad, so you may need to make some changes to the Key commands. I have a MIDI controller (Nektar Panorama P1) so I can do most of the num key functions from it… so I don’t miss the num pad as much.

I have tried to import the xml file, but it can’t.
When I enter the import box, the xml file is grayed out, and I just can’t click anything.


You have to exchange the original KeyCommand.xml file in the Preferences folder. Don’t use the Import Key Command function. This function is in Cubase to import Key Commands from very old Cubase versions (like Cubase VST or what). You cannot import the current KeyCommands.xml file this way.