Can I use one Cubase license in two computers?

Hi currently I am running Cubase elements 11 in trial mode and after 24 days it will be over, before that I will buy the full license for Cubase Elements 11, my concern is can I use it on both of my computers? Like in my MacBook and Mac Pro? Is it possible to do if I sign in from the same account on both of the computers or do I need to purchase separately?

Yes, if you are not using Cubase in two computer in same time.
The eLicense is saved in your USB eLicense. Just plug-in the USB, then you can use Cubase :grinning:

This is the point, you need to buy an USB eLicenser to move the licence.

Do I need USB eLicenser for Cubase Elements also? I thought it was only for Cubase Artist and Pro.

Oh! I thought it was only for Cubase Artist and Pro versions, but how will I copy my license to that? I am very new to Steinberg products

If using cubase, buying a eLicense key is a must. So that you can use the cubase in anywhere and crossover PC and MAC platform.

Using the eLCC Software, you can drag&drop the license from the soft-eLicenser to the USB stick. The USB eLiecenser can handle all types of Steinberg licenses, also Cubase Elements. You don’t have to reinstall Cubase.

Oh! Please guide me through how will I do it or link to any guide

Remember once you move the licence to a usb licence you can’t move it back to a pc. You can move it to another usb licence though.

Can you have Cubase Elements installed on two computers, using them (never at the same time) freely and interchangeably, like you can with Ableton? Without a dongle?

(I stopped using Cubase because of the dongle. I am thinking about going back because I’ve just discovered Cubase Elements doesn’t need a dongle and I have a few MIDI channel filtering workflows that are core to a project but will only work in Logic or Cubase. I have a desktop and a laptop. With one Ableton license I can use it any time I like on either machine. With Logic Pro I can do the same. I’d prefer Cubase as its familiar but I’ll never use anything with a dongle as it’s just not practical for laptop work on the go).

No, that’s not possible yet. However, the upcoming Cubase 12 will use Steinberg’s new licensing system where you can activate the software on up to three computers at the same time and activate/deactivate them as required. The dongle is then no longer needed.

Great stuff thanks. So I wouldn’t have to laboriously switch off the desktop license and switch on the laptop license every time I want to use Cubase for twenty minutes on a commute? It’ll work easily like Ableton and Logic? That would bring me back to Cubase! Is 12 weeks or years away? Sorry to ask, very out of touch (and very low trust in Steinberg because of stupid dongle experiences that I won’t harp on about!).

Right. You could do that but as you get three activations, you can keep the license on your desktop active. Only if you want to use a 4th computer, you have to deactivate the license on one of the other ones.

Almost. But you have to activate/deactivate the license using the Activation Manager on the corresponding computer. There’s no online site to do that remotely.

It will be released sometime this year. But besides information on the new licensing system, Steinberg hasn’t announced further details yet. So I don’t know.

Super helpful thanks! (Forgive me taking advantage of your deep prior knowledge, I’ve paid my dues and been that person too in other domains, you’re very kind…)

“Almost. But you have to activate/deactivate the license using the Activation Manager on the corresponding computer.”

Just to be clear, you think that if I have Cubase Elements 12 on desktop and laptop that each time I want to use it on one of those two computers I’ll have to faff about in some license manager software to switch off one computer and activate the one I’m on? (In which case Steinberg can go burn). Or you think that’s only the case if someone wanted it on more than three computers?

I must say I do feel really sad that I had to walk away from using Cubase about a decade ago, after using it since the 1990s, pre VST! But their miserly dongle and licensing behaviour is just too much in an era when I can use Ableton, Native Komplete, and all my other tools (and Word, and hugely expensive work software from other technical domains) easily shifting between my desktop with big screen and midi gear, and my nimble commuting laptop. Who has one computer these days? Anyway!

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Only if you have more than 3

No. You can keep your license active on up to three computers without the need to activate and deactivate them all the time. As mkok wrote, only if you want to use Cubase on more than three different computers, you have to use the Activation Manager to distribute the three activations as desired.
The new licensing system is already used for the recently released Dorico 4 and it works great there. To me it’s really a huge improvement over the annoying dongle-based system.

Got you. Thanks for your patience and sorry for my caution. Steinberg drove me away with their stupid miserly dongles, after 15 years of living inside the software. I’ll keep an eye on the forums when Cubase 12 is out to make sure they’ve not invented some other way to prevent paying users using their stuff before I jump back in. Thanks again!