Can I use Pro 8 licence to activate Pro 7.5

Hi all,

Have just bought the Pro 8 upgrade from Pro 6. I actually want to use Pro 7.5 and will move onto Pro 8 in the future. I received my licence for Pro 8 but I haven’t installed yet. I have downloaded 7.5 as this is the version i want to run. Can I install Pro 7.5 and use the licence i received for Pro 8 - bear in mind i haven’t installed Pro 8 yet.

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Yes, it should work as long as you use the latest elicenser software to register everything and get the keys on your dongle, and your downgrade is to the same level (Full/Pro/LE/SE/etc.) of Cubase as your key.

If installing 7.5 doesn’t prompt you to update the elicenser control software, you can always grab the latest version here:

I believe an upgrade key will work for any previous version. So since you bought the V8 upgrade you should be able to use 7.5. So make sure you’ve installed the latest e-license control center, make sure that your cubase license is properly stored on your e-license dongle, install 7.5 it and give it a go.

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