Can I use the same software on two different computers?

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Someone must have asked this before, but I couldn’t find the topic.
The question is naive and funny for experienced members, but …
I have several licensed Steinberg software (Cubase, Halion, HSO, VGEE… I also have a computer with two different operating systems installed: Win7 and Win10.
Do I have the right to use the same dongle with the same licenses on both operating systems (or on 2 different computers)? So, at the same time, I can only use one system with a Steinberg key. I guess it’s perfectly legal to install the same software on two machines (or on one machine with two operating systems), and then use which computer I want as needed, but with the same software and the same Steinberg key? It will never be possible to start both machines with the same license at the same time, so I hope that the legality from that side is satisfied? Please answer, this is very important to me. I thank everyone in advance.

Yes, install the software on as many machines as you like. Can mix up Windows and Mac machines all you like. Can have multiple versions of your Steinberg apps (anything older/smaller than your current key. I.E. A Cubase 11 Pro key can also run Cubase 8.5 Artist or SE).

Plug your dongle into the one you’ll be using. The software doesn’t function without the dongle plugged in.

If you have anything on software eLisencers rather than your dongle, then you’d need to release the key on your MySteinberg account and activate it on the next machine as needed…or…move it to your dongle (one way trip…once you put it on a dongle it can be moved to other dongles, but never again back to a software eLisencer).

If you have a dual boot system (I have win 10 and 11 dual boot) then as long as the dongle is plugged in you can use either. With dual boot you can only use one at once. As mentioned with a 2nd pc you need to move the dongle to whichever you are using the software on. Cubase 12 will be different but if you have plugins then these may still need the dongle moving.