Can i Use wavelab 6 if i buy the current version of wavelab essentials?

Sounds nuts but and it would help if anyone knows

What OS?

Up until a year ago I was running WL6 on my Windows 10 machine. You have to have The USB -eLicenser but it worked fine.

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Im running win 10 too. I have decided to buy essentials and hopefully Win 6 will be backwards compatible despite Essentials are not the full version… It doesnt have some of the batch functions that 6 had (as i remember it)

Just make sure to activate your Elements (not “essentials” :wink:) to the old eLicenser system. I believe you still have a choice when purchasing a new 11.1 version. The new Steinberg Licensing is not backwards compatible. You shouldn’t need the physical dongle (USB-eLicenser) for Elements.

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