Can I view my password for this forum

On my laptop it is memorized so I can see it. On my DAW computer, I couldn’t remember and what I typed wasn’t remembered. I looked up what password I had in a list and that didn’t work and neither did another. I have one more try before I am locked out. It is a nuisance to keep having to go to the device in the other room instead of posting from the DAW with all the problems.


I’m not a Windows user, but on Mac, you can inspect all your stored passwords in the Keychain Access application. I believe, there is something similar on Windows.

One way to deal with this is to simply reset your password to one you can remember, so you can then use it to login from any computer.

No, there is nothing that allows you to view your unencrypted passwords on Windows. If you store passwords in browsers like Chrome or Edge or any kind of password safe then you can view them, Windows itself doesn’t allow it.

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