Can I View Settings of Not Loaded Plugin

Hi there good people of knowledge. Can anyone pleeeeeeze help…

I have a load of old projects from about 5 years ago which used 32bit plugins (mainly SSL Duende) as inserts and I have since entirely renewed and updated my system.
I now have all latest version of these plugins installed which are exactly the same except, of course, now being 64bit and slightly visually updated.
As expected, when loading these old projects these plugins comes up as not loaded or found.

Is there any way to view the simple numerical settings of a not loaded plugin - they must be stored in the .cpr project somewhere?
Can I open the .cpr in another program and dig through to view?
(I have opened a .cpr in Notepad, a basic text editor, and it ain’t making a lot of sense in there!)

I used these plugins on pretty much every channel as a strip and would desperately love to just simply dial in the settings I had (with my current version of these exact same plugins) without having to re-do every mix from scratch.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

This is basically proprietary format internally that is saved as a range of bytes, encoded probably Base64 to be saved in xml format.
So Cubase does not know individual setting contained therein, only plugin vendor know this.

Like there is for sysex format for data for synths, there might be something manufacturer of plugin might give you info, but never saw this at all.
I’ve restructured such sysex to have certain settings copied into all presets of an instrument, like the total sysex dump file. These are usually specified by synth manufacturer, or as cracked specs out there.

So best chance is probably through sysex, if instrument plugins.

The only way I have found to deal with this is to load the project in the older version of Cubase and save the plugin settings as a preset. Then you can call it up in the new version, rather than have to start from scratch. If the preset won’t load in the new version (it usually does) you could take a snapshot.

Not what you wanted exactly, but at least a way of getting your settings back the way they were.