Can it make my old Midi Controllers work to my taste?

Hello, I accidentally bought Frontier Alpha Track one motor-fader controller from a brand called ‘Frontier’. They do not make products anymore and the driver file does not fully work on a 64bit system (I thought it did).

I wonder, can I allocate its functions manually with ‘that’ new Midi Remote Feature…?

If it works, it would mean huge for me, because I can also utilize my other midi controllers to my taste.
e.g. Komplete Kontrol S25, Behringer BCF2000, Maschine mk1 (knobs etc)

If I can maximize Alpha-Track on my new system… wow… that would be heavenly! (portable too!)
Though I do use MC MIX as my main controller.

Theoretically, is the feature exactly what I am hoping…?!

Thanks in advance.

Maybe have a look here.


Wow… glad to hear. But he is on Windows unfortunately… :frowning: I really wish someone confirms it on mac osx too. But wow… I was like… such a shame about a year ago when I accidentally bought it… then again this new feature came up! I was blown away by Steinberg. For real.

Ah sorry, I didn’t realize you were on a mac!

But, still, can I still use ‘midi remote’ feature to manually re-map its functions?

Alphatrack does not have Midi port though! it only has usb.
I have old driver of it, but natively? it does not fully integrate within Cubase 10 nor 11. (cause the driver is 32bit…)

Maybe no-go…?

I just got very curious, I own old Alphatrack (Frontier) one motor fader DAW controller from old time, and wonder if Cubase 12 Midi Remote feature can support usb-midi too and allow me to manually re-map its functions?

Or, only DIN-Midi?

Thanks in advance.

MIDI is midi. There is no distinction on the Cubase side, so yes.

If the device needs a driver, the data it outputs might be unexpected. But I have programmed the CMC series using Bome midi translator, without installing the drivers. The faders output pitch-bend, the buttons Notes.

Plug it in and see what data it sends.

Right. Maybe I have hope for Frontier Alphatrack on mac, I might, just upgrade my osx and upgrade to cubase 12. Midi remote is just far too good to ignore…

I have many MIDI gears that I can utilize with it.