Frontier AlphaTrack Cubase 12 Fully Operational

For any wondering minds I got the AlphaTrack working in native mode inside cubase 12,
on Windows 11, and plugged into a usb 2.0 port on my computer
anyone wanting to do the same can do so by installing the driver in compatibilty mode for windows 7
Copying the 64bit version of the plugin to Steinberg/Cubase/Components
Then from Studio Setup Click the + add device Frontier AlphaTrack should show up in the Menu
Then goto the Remote Devices ( Legacy) Set the in and out ports to the AlphaTrack in MIDI Ports
and Midi Remote
After all that you should have a fully functioning Frontier AlphaTrack
I hope this saves some people some frustration and you’re able to enjoy the alphatrack


Confirmed working perfectly here too in Cubase 12.

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Hi. Thanks for the advice. I do not get the Alpha Track MIDI port choice in Cubase 10.5 on Windows 10. Do you know of a way to get that port to show up and connect to Alpha Track? Any help will be welcomed.

The AlphaTrack itself is MIDI class-compliant, which means the MIDI ports should show up even without any driver. Can you use any other application to see it you can see the MIDI ports, and if not, then check your USB ports because that would mean the hardware is not being detected by the computer.

Whhhhhhaaaaat??? I even bought the new driver from 3rd party, and it did not fully work (only some functions…) Umm… but I am on mac osx…

Its a no then…?! Man I really wish I could!! I posted several Qs here on forum about it too about 6~8 months ago…

Could you also test… on mac or no?

Great to hear though!!

Just plug it in and see if you can see any MIDI activity coming from it when you operate any of the buttons or the slider. I don’t have a Mac but you could use any MIDI monitor, you should even be able to see the MIDI ports from within Cubase because it’s class-compliant.

On Windows, because the old driver still works, there’s no point in going to all the work to decode the MIDI messages it sends.

but, just out of curiousity though, it has nothing to do with Cubase version 12 Pro is it…? or, did Cubase change certain setup…?! because then… why did it not work on Cubase 11 and 10 you know? (not being critical here, but genuinely curious… because I would be stoked to use it on Cubase 12 ‘if’ I get to upgrade from 11 on mac)

hmm. What made it possible? haha…


I’ve had the Frontier AlphaTrack working on all versions of Cubase on Windows since I got it. I don’t know what the situation was/is on Mac.

ahah! right right. Yeah yeah, it is issue with mac osx. You are correct. Very unfortunate and low-key envying Windows users for this. Alphatrack is just a useful tool…

Not yet a Cubendo user, but mulling a jump. I have an Alphatrack, and I can run Windows 10/11 without any issue. What kind of functionality were you able to give your AlphaTrack as a controller?

I was also considering tracking down a CC121 for the AI Knob functionality, but I read that Cubendo 12 introduces AI Knob functionality within the MIDI mapping system, so third-party controllers should be able to do it. Wondering if there’s an intuitive layout/mapping you’ve come up with on the AlphaTrack.

Stay well, and talk soon. Hope to see you in Cubendo land soon.

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Hello there,

does anyone of you have the 1.3.0 driver for the alphatrack to download? The website of frontier design seems to be down and there is only a 1.1.1 version available for download.
Thank you

send me your MAil. I have the Windows versions

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Thanks for the driver. It’s working.
But is it normal that you can not configure the buttons F1 and f2 in Cubase?
And I see a little icon of the alphatrack next to the clock on the taskbar but it won’t open.

Hi Bennet,Im glad.

Yes you can’t configure the F1 and F2 but you can use Shift (on the frontier) + F1 and so on.

That icon doesn’t matter, it’s just to know that the AT is working,

Oh that’s a poor thing because you loose two quick reachable custom keys. But yes, it’s not the newest device on the market. So it’s a good thing that it’s still working. :sweat_smile:

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You still have 8 shortcuts…and yes,its older but it’s working

Got it sort of working in Cubase 13 pro too EXCEPT that the fader won’t work. :frowning:
I’m happy because I got the alphatrack for a £5! So I no longer have to roll/lean over from my big weighted keyboard that’s off to the side of my workstation to use my transport controlls but it would have been real nice to have a fader. Everything else is good though.

oh and to those saying that you don’t have access to the F1 and F2 controls… I just set them up with a generic remote.

It doesn’t work for you by default of alphatrack itself, or it’s because you can’t get it to work. mine works fine

The external power suppy needs to be connected for the motorized fader to work.

There is no external power supply for the Alpha Track. There’s definitely power going to the fader. I did once get it to move by moving a channel fader within my daw after unplugging it and plugging it back in. DAW was transmittin data fine but just doesn’t like it the other way around and tends to forget where it’s supposed to be after trying to move it manually. Ah well.