Can LE create ramped CC for every midi note?

Very often in strings I want to have a swell effect for every note. I end up having to go in and draw the CC ramp for every note. Is there a way to automate this in the PLE or MLE somehow?

See pic:


There are default LE (not PLE) presets for “CC1 crescendo in locator range” or something like that, I’m not in front of Cubase at the moment. If you don’t want to set the locators manually for each note, or passage, this could further be packed into another macro: 1. Locators to selection, and THEN 2. Process Logical Preset: CC Crescendo/Decrescendo in locator range.

So, if things go as planned, you should select the note(s) that you want to swell, and then press the button.

hmm-I don’t see any sort of crescendo/decrescendo in the LE. I’ll keep looking.

It’s in some folder. Standard Set? Experimental? Sorry, I don’t remember off the top of my head.

there’s nothing like that that I see. I managed to create a linear ramp up on CC1 within the loop range, but as far as I can tell there is no way to adjust loop range to the length of the note in the MLE and there is no way to iterate that loop range even if you could. Even the ramp is a little buggy because you have to disable the snap and draw in points before you do the action.

You’d probably have to create a Macro+PLE Combo

Using like, Select Event Under Cursor, Next Event, etc

Of course there’s nothing to see. I made them myself and thought they were there by default. Sheesh, sorry man, really dumb of me, sorry for sending you to search for something that doesn’t exist.

Back on topic, well, ok, the preset works, but it’s not as clean as it could be, because, as you say, all new controller nodes created by LE are not ramp/curve. Pictures show it better. Here goes:

CC1 ramps

What you are seeing:
0:01: Pitch to CC1 Macro
0:10: Crucial Manual change of CC1 nodes to Ramp/Curve from Step. I can’t find a way to do it differently.
0:15: - End Fooling around with CC1 Crescendo/Decrescendo Macros

Macro Pitch to CC1 and its Presets

Macros CC1 Crescendo/Decrescendo and their Presets

You are totally right of course, LE only creates steps when inserting new nodes. It would be very valuable to insert ramp/curves instead, or if we at least had a key command for this so we could put it to use in a macro.

Thanks @ggmanestraki. You really got me on the right track. What I’m seeing as the biggest issue is that cubase doesn’t create a node at the end of the midi note. So I created a macro that selects the note, copies it, creates the node based on velocity (I prefer that instead of being based on pitch) and then shifts the note forward by its length, nudges it back a frame, creates a new node and then deletes that moved note (cubase doesn’t let us move a note back by it’s length-only forward), and then repaste the note in the original position. Then doing a similar macro to yours I can create the ramp from the beginning of the note to the end of the note instead of the beginning of one note to the beginning of the next note. Then with your idea of just selecting everything and switching to ramp mode it works great! A lot of words, but here’s a video.
cubase gif

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Excellent! :clap:t2: