Can library manager change all settings globally?

Many thanks for the new library manager! Yay! Just wondering, is there currently a way to have Dorico change all settings in one document to match the settings in another? When I want to make all formatting match across documents, I find it a long process to go through each category, even with the option to select all in each of those categories. Though as I said at the start, this current option is indeed welcome. Or maybe the library manager can make global changes but I haven’t figured it out?

Have you updated to 4.0.10, in which Library Manager options categories/collections in the list on the left have the buttons to import everything in that category/collection? In addition to the per-section and per-option import options already in 4.0.

That sounds like a step in the right direction! Thanks. Here’s looking forward to the day when it all happens with one click!

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guys, library manager is really something really amazing … I LOVE IT !!!

kudos to the team for implementing this awesome feature!