Can locate my VST instruments

Hi I am having problems finding my VST plugins.
I have been away from using Cubase for a while and am coming back to it having recently upgraded my old macbook to an M3 apple chip. (and upgraded cubase pro from 12-13).
Alert - these may be really dumb questions!

In the track VST selector I am only seeing Halion Sonic and Groove Agent. Pre upgrade I had several VST instruments but for the sake of specifics, I am not longer seeing Hypnotic Dance and Evo Elysium.

I have installed them from the steinberg download assistant.
The licences have been verified after a lot of trial and error - but in the steinberg web self service page they are showing as licensed but not in use on any computers?

In the VST Plug in Manager they are showing ( alongside many others) as unsupported architecture.
The location given, /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Steinberg/*vst3 does contain vst3 files but they are quite old,
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 18.28.21
The download manager is saving to /Users/xxxx/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX as vstsound files.

Right now I don’t where to start investigating this issue.
Any suggestions much appreciated


Hello and welcome back.

It looks like you might be running Cubase as Apple Silicon native app (which is the default for C13) and have older plugins which are/were coded for Intel.

You should be able to resolve just by updating the plugins to their latest version. That is the case for Steinberg plugins, which are all available as native plugins with the exception of Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance (these are discontinued as separate plugins and are now soundbanks for HALion/HALion Sonic).
Some of the CM plugins may also still be Intel only.

If you switch to Rosetta 2 mode, the plugins should still work fine and not be blacklisted.

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The plug-ins, you have installed don’t support M-processor (Natively).

Fabio beat me on this. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Fabio_B @Martin.Jirsak


Turning on rosetta recognised a lot of the plugins. Although Cubase then crashed a couple of times and even crashed my macbook.

After having been away for a while from Cubase, I’m not particularly attached to any of the previous plugins - I has been assuming it would come back up as I left it - doh.
I think I’ll clean it up, upgrade Absolute from 4 - 6 and start from that point. Adding new stuff as I need it. Seems more straight forward.

That’s always bad. If you like, you can PM me the .ips files and I’ll have a look. Might be on the graphics side, that’s a problem area with older software.

Which often is the case, but the jump from Intel to Apple CPUs was a pretty big one :slight_smile:

Sure a sensible approach. I don’t have the two IK Multimedia plugins in your list, but I’m running T-Racks 5 and Amplitube 5 on all my machines, I’m confident you can just update those.

Good luck! :slight_smile: