Can lyrics be attached to a second voice on same staff?

Is it possible to have a singable translation of a song as an additional lyric line and have words with more syllables attach to the voice 2 alternative notes when they are necessary? I see this from time to time in song literature, but don’t see any way to do it in Dorico.

If there are many differences, I can always create a second staff for the translatation, but if there are only a few where the rhythm has to be different (like an occasional triplet instead of a duplet) it would save space and make it easier to read.



You can invoke the Shift-L popover from the caret at any rhythmic position, though Space won’t correctly advance the popover if there aren’t notes for lyrics to attach to.

As long as there are actual triplet notes to attach the translation to this should be as easy as selecting the first of the tuplet notes, hitting Shift-L and then Alt-Down Arrow to get to the Translation line, then typing your lyrics.

Thanks, pianoleo! I gave it a try and it works. I also found that the next trick is not to expect the lyrics to continue by spacing; once the voice 2 lyrics are entered, you have to get out of lyrics and move back to voice 1 to continue.