Can MasterRig from WaveLab be used inside Cubase 9Pro?

Can MasterRig from WaveLab be used inside Cubase 9 Pro? I own both Cubase 9 Pro and WaveLab 9 and want to know if I can use MasterRig from WaveLab inside Cubase Pro 9 as an insert? Is there a way to “copy” the plugin from the WaveLab VST folder into the Cubase VST folder? Thanks for any help.


No, you cannot use internal WaveLab plug-ins in Cubase.

I have wished this to be possible as well. I believe it boils down to the fact that wavelab and Cubase are under the hood at the raw code level two very different beasts and designed to do very different jobs. The internal wavelab “plug ins” will have been coded to take advantage of systems beyond the normal scope of VST3, and use codes and routines only found in wavelab 9 pro.

That said I see no real reason they could not develope it in to a stand alone VST Plugin. Availible from the online store for any DAW. I love to also see the metereing in Wavelab availible the same way. They could then make them free to licence holders Wavelab for the purpose of working in cubase.

I dont think it will happen soon though as there a major part of the draw to wavelab sales.

Ps there is nothing to stop you routing audio out of cubase through wavelab and back in to cubase to achieve this!! The easy way would be with two computers and cables. But I am sure its possible with virtual audio cables software. Just not sure how staible it would be!