Can Metanormalizer work with stems?

Hi folks,
I have 10 songs that are built from 10 stereo stems. Can i use metanormalizer such that the stems will maintain their loudness balance within a song but I can batch normalize the songs?

Not directly. To achieve that, you would need to create a Super Clip from the stems. Then it should work.

ok. Thank you. I will research “super clip”. I don’t own Wavelab yet-just cubase pro, but if this can make this job easy that will be worth the price of admission.

Doesn’t a super clip all need to be on the same montage track though?

Normally for stems they are all on their own track, vertically stacked up.

I think I’ve mentioned it before but it would be nice to meta normalize one clip, and have a way tell WaveLab to meta normalize other related clips by the same value so their relationship remains.

So in other words, not normalize all clips TO the same level, but to meta normalize one master clip and have the others change in level by the same amount.

That’s basically what I’m asking about doing. I have now owned Wavelab for a total of 8 hours, so obviously I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but it seems like in the manual it says that a super clip is essentially a complete montage that is nested in the main montage. My understanding is that a montage can be lots of vertically stacked clips…so I’m hoping this will work!

I have one particular client who I master stems and alternate versions for, and they are always single songs, not albums. I make a new montage for each song and put all the alternate versions on their own montage track so they are stacked up. I mute all the other tracks besides the main version while I dial in the plugin settings needed.

I insert the plugins in the montage output Effects slots (not the global master section and not on the clips).

Then I can render a master file of each version using the same plugin chain inserted in the montage output Effects and the best part is that these plugin settings are saved in the .mon file and don’t need special loading/re-loading like the global master section.

I could be wrong but I don’t think Super Clips help us in this situation where the files are on their own montage tracks.

I think what we need is a stem MetaNormalizer so that the main full mix can be analyzed and normalized, and then all the stem and alternate version are changed by the same gain value.

This way we can normalize the audio to an ideal level to feed the plugin chain which is particularly useful when saturation and dynamics plugins are used.

I think what Philippe suggests is a very workable solution. Each Superclip is a montage of all stems of one song (10 tracks stacked) - and together as 10 superclips in the resulting album montage (IMV this would be not stacked but serial, or staggered) you can use metanormalizer for the 10 songs in relation to each other.

Interesting. I guess I’d need to see a video clip to make sense of it all.