Can MIDI Learn compensate for missing Tempo track?

Hi everybody,
sorry if these questions are stupid, but I do NOT have Cubasis and I am considering to purchase it.

  1. can a MIDI track record CC messages ?
  2. if yes, can CC messages in a recorded track control Cubasis params (via MIDI Learn)? if not directly, can it be done through an intermediate app that receives CC messages and resends them into Cubasis?
  3. if yes, would it be possible to use such a MIDI track to control the BPM value and therefore compensate for the lack of a Tempo track?


Hi @midi2themax,

Thanks for your message.

Please check out our available Cubasis 3 help, to learn what’s possible with MIDI CC support:

Alongside, MIDI CC support does not compensate for the lack of the tempo track.


I wanted to explore this too. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like BPM can be manipulated through MIDILearn.

Hi @Duncan_B,

Unfortunately, MIDI CC support cannot compensate for the missing tempo track.

Best wishes,