Can MIDI Tracks Be Routed To Multiple Outputs

Hi, I have 2 or more tracks that have the “Pitch Correct” plugin on them with the “external - midi note” setting enabled. I have a MIDI track that’s routed to one. I don’t understand how (or even know if it’s possible) to route the MIDI track to multiple outputs.

I would just like to have one MIDI track controlling the pitches for all my “Pitch Correct” instances, because they’re all going to be exactly the same. For years, I’ve just created a different midi track for each “Pitch Correct” I have open, but that’s very time consuming, redundant, and unorganized way to deal with this. Surely, there’s GOTTA be a way to simply send the midi to multiple midi inputs, right???


You can use MIDI Send. Here you can select any MIDI Send “Effect”, and then set the MIDI Port to out. Then set the MIDI Send so it doesn’t modify the MIDI signal.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. The only options it gives me for sends are to MIDI insert effects (which I don’t even have activated);

Arpache S
Arpache SX
Auto LFO
Beat Designer

it doesn’t even specify what channel these midi effects are on, so I’m assuming it sends back to it’s own midi effects.

I don’t see anywhere in the sends area where I can route the midi to an external source. Can you refer me to a visual or something in the manual?

Sorry, I found better way.

  1. Activate the MIDI Send.
  2. Ignore all Send Effects.
  3. Click to the Not Connect, and select the MIDI port you want to use.
    Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 21.20.55.png

Okay I finally got it to work. It took me a while, but I finally realized from your screenshot that you were in the Inspector tab, not the channel settings window. And apparently it doesn’t give any routing options or anything in the channel settings window. Not sure why not, there are some weird differences/restrictions when it comes to the inspector tab vs. the channel settings window that are really annoying and I’m not sure why Steinberg can’t just make them identical. Also, the routing option doesn’t even appear until you activate the send which by default is not activated upon creating the send.

I also wish there was a more straightforward way to do this. It’s so convoluted right now. And I also wish I could send more than 4 midi sends. I guess if you count the main routing, you can send one midi track to 5 midi inputs, but still the option to do more would be nice and I’m sure I’ll come across situations where it would be useful.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

The Channel Settings window is not associated with a MIDI Track. Rather it is associated with a VSTi’s audio outputs. That VSTi can be driven multiple MIDI Tracks. A MIDI Track only contains data not audio. The Channel Settings Window only controls audio not data.

If you want your midi data and audio to be integrated then use an Instrument Track. However for some mysterious reason they don’t include MIDI Sends. If you want your midi data and audio to be treated as separate entities, or if you need MIDI Sends then use a MIDI Track.

Because the Channel Settings Window, same as the MixConsole, shows the Audio Return Channel in fact.

First off, I know what MIDI is. My grandma and her dog knows what MIDI is. This post is not a question asking what MIDI is.

The Channel Settings window has a section for “MIDI Sends”, where you can enable and disable the midi sends for a given MIDI track.

Clearly, it doesn’t 100% exclude MIDI then. So it’s very confusing that you can only “partially” affect the MIDI Sends routing in the “MIDI Sends” section.

I love Cubase. There are so many settings and features. However, I feel like that’s as much a weakness as a strength. Because there are features and settings which get forgotten. There’s so much stuff to maintain, that there’s lots of redundancy and convolution. I’m sure there are features and sections that get forgotten. However, it would be nice to clean up some of that redundancy and convolution. That means they should either give equal power to the MIDI Sends area in the Channel Settings window or they should remove the MIDI Sends section from the Channel Settings window altogether or at least make it known that the section can only partially affect the actual MIDI Sends.

And after that, they should make the whole process of routing MIDI less convoluted and more clean/efficient, as well as provide more power and flexibility to that area. I don’t often need to use MIDI tracks, and even less often do I have need to route a MIDI track to multiple outputs, but for the times when I DO need to do that, it would be great to have more than 5 MIDI Outputs.

Glad to hear about your grandma’s dog.

If you are going to bark at someone for not understanding & properly answering your question at least make sure the question is not ambiguous.

Also folks are more likely to try and help you if you don’t attack them when they do. :wink:

I’ll just assume you were having a bad day.

Sorry, but this seemed very condescending, especially in light of the context that the question had already been answered and I figured out the solution, as convoluted as it may be. I’m asking about MIDI routing, not what MIDI is.

And before you say that defining MIDI is pertinent because the Channel Settings window only shows info relevant to audio and not MIDI , you’re wrong. The Channel Settings clearly contains more than audio information in the case of selecting a MIDI track. It has tabs for both MIDI Inserts and MIDI Sends. The same tabs can be found in the inspector, and generally those tabs are shared/linked with the Channel Settings window and most of the controls (clearly not all) are shared in both.

And the fact that you seem to be starting your reply in a sarcastic manner does not earn you my respect.

Anyway, the previous user already answered the question as best that could be answered.

Yeah because I spent 15 minutes trying to write a clear explanation to a question I apparently misunderstood just to be “condescending” to you. There have actually been a lot of posts on the forum lately from ex-users of Sonar since its recent demise who are indeed quite confused about how midi & audio interact in Cubase. Apparently in Sonar any track type can be routed to any other track type. So we’ve seen questions like - where are the audio outputs on my MIDI Track? I’ve spent several hours over the last few weeks trying to explain how things are a bit different in Cubase. Your question sounded like you were in that situation.

FYI Martin’s reply was not visible to me yet at the time I initially posted. Had it been I probably wouldn’t have replied. Often Martin’s posts will be the final one in a thread because there’s nothing more to add.

Folks on this forum genuinely try to help each other out. You seem to take offence fairly easily.

The difference between what you and I said is this.

What I said was actually relative to the topic and communicated something important towards reaching a resolution of the problem. You can’t help someone out effectively if you don’t know their knowledge base or skill level. For example, if you’re coaching a pro race car driver and assume he has no knowledge of cars, then everything you say is probably going to be completely useless. A pro race car driver probably knows what a throttle is or a gas pedal or a brake. You’re assumption that I didn’t know what MIDI was may have been condescending to me, but what I had said communicated to you that this conversation was beyond the scope of what you were talking about.

However, when you replied, you said a bunch of stuff that was completely irrelevant to the topic and continue to keep talking about stuff which is completely irrelevant and making personal attacks on me. The issue is resolved now, so there is no need to keep going on about it.

Raino is a really helpful guy, spends a lot of his own time getting others where they need to be in Cubase.

I’ll thank you for your explanation, R!

Why are you guys hijacking this thread and turning it into a stroke of his ego? This is not about your ego. Please stay on topic.