Can Nektar Impact lx49 control vst fx plugins?

Hi everyone,

I have a Nektar Impact LX49 and would like to control fx plugins in Cubase pro 9.03.
The only way I have found it works is with track quick controls but is very annoying having to map the controls every time I insert a plugin in a different slot, since the presets only work when the plugin is in the same slot as when the preset was saved.

I would like to use the 9 faders and 8 encoders to control fx plugins without the mouse.

Is it possible to do that? If so, what would be the best way to map the controls?

Thanks in advance


As far as I know, Nectar is using Mackie Control protocol, right? On real Mackie Control device, there is Plug-in button. By pressing this, you switch the device so you can control plug-ins parameters via V-controls (rotary knobs). If this button is available on your Nectar device, you can do it this way.

Thanks for your help Martin,

There is a “instrument” button that controls vst instruments and it works great, if the mapping of controls is not the best the remote control editor fixes that but it doesn’t work for fx plugins.
I wish I could control fx rather than vst instruments but not sure how to program that using the generic remote device (or something like that)
About the Nektar using Mackie Control, I’am not sure of that, to add the device you don’t have to choose any of the Mackie Control options, there is an .exe integration file that adds the Nektar Impact automatically.