Can no longer access the forum from Safari on Mojave


I’m using Safari on Mojave, and the Steinberg forum is no longer accessible. Isn’t this cutting out a bit too much? This is the only forum I can no longer access. Google Chrome on the same OS (as you can see) works with no issues.


Agreed. My studio computer can only go to Mojave until I get a new Mac. Waiting for the new Mac Pro…

Can you provide a bit more information about what the nature of the problem you’re having is, Paolo?

I noticed this just today, too. With Safari 14, it suddenly says the browser is no longer supported, and I can’t get around it by having Safari spoof another browser. (Fortunately I have a new MacBook Air running Monterey with Safari 15. I went back to the MBP to upload a Dorico file.)

Daniel, I can no longer sign in and post, and all the page layout formats are gone. I see something like this:


Right. I’m sure the people at Discourse have good reasons for dropping support for older versions of Safari. There should be plenty of other browsers that you can still run on Mojave that should work with the forum. One list of supported browsers can be found here.

It is a read only page under IOS 12.5.6. I think will be the same in Mac OS Mojave.

I’d strongly advise people to use Vivaldi or Firefox, rather than Chrome.

The security/privacy concerns are pretty damning; and if you don’t care about that, Chrome has always been a massive hog of RAM, and CPU.


Also: a browser named after the 2nd best 18th-century Venetian composer. What’s not to like?

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I would think that Vivaldi and Opera would be preferred around these parts. :upside_down_face:

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Wow, I had never heard of a Vivaldi browser until this minute.

I use Vivaldi as my main browser in windows and Mac OS. It is very powerful.

Vivaldi is my favourite browser, except I’ve occasionally had video/audio problems running it alongside Dorico (cause as yet undiagnosed) on Windows.

Apart from 2010 and 2012 Mac Pros, any Mac capable of running Mojave should also be capable of running a newer OS, be it Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey or Ventura.

Those decade-old MPs have already had their lifespan increased with new GPUs: but you could try the OpenCore Legacy Patcher to push them onto Catalina or more.

If you’re staying on Mohair because of some old software that’s not being updated, then you need to start thinking about alternative products or using the old OS in a Virtual Machine, or dual booting, etc.

Otherwise, you’ll increasingly see ‘cut-offs’, as lots of software limits the number of OSes that they support. (They may need to use specific services available in new OSes, or it may be more work to keep things working across multiple versions.)

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Speaking for myself, I can say that I’m exactly in that situation. Most of my work is done in InDesign CS6, that only runs up to Mojave, and I’m looking for alternatives.

  • Updating to InDesign CC is not an option that I would have to be forced into. Working with it feels a bit like being kept under continual threat. While I’ve been having Creative Cloud on my machine, I have got all the spyware-like software installed in my system. Removing it caused CS6 to no longer run (and I had to rebuild its installation). Then, I shouldn’t be owing them anything, yet each time I access my account I got an alert asking to update my credit card data:

  • A viable replacement is not yet ready, and will likely not be for another couple years. Assuming Affinity Publisher will ever implement everything I need.

  • I’m not yet allowed to switch to a different workflow, more modern and flexible, based on lighter tools.

I have installed CS6 into a Parallels Desktop partition with an older OS, and it works fine. With a couple minor quirks, that wouldn’t prevent doing my job. All considered, I’be already been forced by Adobe to work for years with that sort-of-FrameMaker on a Windows virtual machine, when they killed the Mac version of FrameMaker. Until I could finally switch to InDesign, when it was ready to replace FrameMaker for me.

So, it’s not that some of us don’t want to update. It’s just that the times are not yet ready, and we would have needed still some time.


This strikes me as at least a little odd. CS6 was released in… 2012. I’d say you got your money’s worth. (Speaking as someone who was very sad to lose my copy of CS5 a few years ago.)

Money is the least relevant of things, with CC. More important, with their subscription model, is how you feel your work to be kept hostage of the software house.

Take, as a comparison, Ulysses, the writing app. It’s subscription. If you stop paying, you can no longer write with it, but you can still open and export your work.

With CC, if you end your subscription, you can’t even open your documents to see what’s inside. If you need to check your old documents, you must subscribe for one month. Then, start a complicate negotiation to stop subscription from automatically renewing.

Features can be removed when they want. They removed the fonts. They removed some apps from CC. Recently, they removed the new Pantone colors (only available with an additional subscription).

And there is the myriad of services running on the background all the time. What are they doing? I’ve not been able to find a document explaining what they are doing in my machine.

Would you work with it without feeling observed?


I understand full well; there’s a reason I use Affinity and not Adobe.


Again, on my doubts about using Adobe CC. This is what I found when opening the Infos on a document from a major luxury car manufacturer:



Finally, I’ve switched from Mojave to Monterey.

Now, I wonder what this ugly mess is. After Jony has left, have they hired an UI designer coming from the open source world?