Can no longer connect to ICPro Beta from my Android[resolved

I’ve been using the beta test version recently, but as of yesterday whenever I try to run ICPro from my Android it states that the Webpage is not available.

The SKI offers two addresses ( and but neither of them work.

What is going on?

Update - it is now working again. No idea why - nothing has changed.

I am well and truly gruntled :slight_smile:

Been there got the T-shirt. Had the same problem last week and eventually it started working. No clue how it got fixed.

I’m guessing that the IP address of your computer might have changed. Unless you explicitly set a fixed network address, it can change from time to time as it is probably getting assigned by your router using DHCP. On Windows, if you open a command prompt and type “ipconfig” and press return it will tell you what your computer’s current IP address is … that’s the address you have to point iC Pro at.

I’ve just checked that and the IP address has not changed. In fact there are two of them and neither has changed.

It’s working now, thankfully.

Iife’s too short for Postmortems :slight_smile: