can no longer layer samples from built in browser

the mode is in the window to the right of the pads, sort of sitting above the waveform display there is a little drop down menu where you select “layer, round robin, velocity” trigger etc.
i hope this helps, it’s just from my memory.

Thanks, I did find the Mode button and I can add to the different sounds to pad #1. But that’s it, right? Currently it only works on pad #1? Did this ever actually work, the layering to other pads? Is this what you have a ticket into Steinberg about?

Wow, the complexity of this program is crazy, it’s like you have to sleep with it to understand all the parameters… Seriously, I find the GUI to be like a micro visual experience, the buttons are everywhere and very small. Haha, this aside, thank you very much for explaining this process, even if it doesn’t work right now. You Rock!

Mr roos you can drag any pad to any other pad and you will get the 3 options. To be clear, this is addressing a bug where me and others are trying to drag samples directly from the instruments tab in groove agent’s built in browser and being denied the option to either layer or add chromatically.

Yes, GA5 is a complex and powerful beast. Lots and lots of small little texts and icons. After you’ve gone over them all enough times you should find that everything has a purpose and is very logically laid out.

As for the fiddly size of the various elements, that remains an issue. Steinberg did listen to requests for GA to be able to be re-sized but sadly all they did was allow the windows to be re-sized (a welcome addition to be sure!) but the elements within cannot be scaled up.

One of the new features in CB 10 Pro is that you can layer up to 32 samples per pad, not sure if that was dragging from the GA instrument browser not tried 32 but I can deffo drag pad to pad on any of them not just pad 1 and layer that way using GA own instrument browser.

You can’t drag “samples” from the instrument tab. The instrument tab shows “Instruments” which consist of 1 - 32 samples and all the other Pad settings.
If you drag an “Instrument” onto a Pad it can only replace the existing Instrument and its settings.

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Gerrit Junge

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:
Ok that’s nice to clear up, however: It is possible to layer “samples” or “instruments” onto pads using the above method.
Perhaps some sample information is lost doing it this way? I can live with that!
Today I’ve been happily layering samples out of my Neuro Mindset and Lazer Beams libraries. This feature is one of the major perks of GA5 for me.

We are Talking about dragging samples from the instrument Tab in the GA Browser.


This is what we have been trying to achieve. ive done a vid demonstrating it.


TJ@M , you the man!

I guess you mean by dragging one pad onto the other, right? This is indeed possible but with a questionable result. Perhaps we should prevent the user to do so, with the next update.

But what is it good for? In the video above a velocity controlled kick (5 samples) gets stacked with a velocity controlled crash ( 3 samples). Changing the Mode to “Layer” will trigger all 8 samples everytime at once. Apart from the performance consumption and potential phase problems, what is the goal to do that?
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In that example, arguably it’s pointless (and yes, phasing problems maybe) but isn’t that up to the user to decide what is tasteful?
There is plenty of examples where the feature is very conventionally useful such as using the many single samples in that library and layering them up, or creating new velocity or round robin layers. Maybe I want to mix and match 32 snares from different libraries and make a big velocity pad?
When I initially used the tern “layer” I literally meant layer different instrument sounds on 1 pad. Not necessarily the “layer mode”

Nothing wrong with layering a kick drum with a cymbal though. It’s widely heard in drum and bass for example.

Please consider not removing a good feature that people want to use, and indeed allowing these samples to be dragged out of the browser and layered straight away on the pad instead of doing this trick of dragging to pad, and then dragging pad to next pad.


The goal of the conversation was to be able to layer from the GA instrument browser browser, what anyone does with it there after is up to them,
job done, goal achieved.