can not activate trial version

Hello, I can not activate Trial version of cubase 9. When I enter the code in eLicenser control center it says "Currently, no eLicenser is connected to the computer on which you can download your license. Connect to your computer a suitable USB-eLicenser "it’s very frustrating such a dificulty of a simple activation of a demo version!

please help

I’m getting the same issue. I tried re-installing the eLCC and rebooting.

Any ideas?

… and that noonw is solving this worries me !!Just came from the bankrupty and now, ( also before ) useless SONAR cakwalk platform, and now its like this here too … no answare on techsupport or forums…ahhhh

Without having any details on the activation code used and the trial requested, I guess that a Cubase Pro trial was requested but no USB-eLicenser is available (or at least not connected to the system).
If you don’t have a USB-eLicenser, you can still test Cubase Elements which does not require a USB-eLicenser to run and can be licensed using the Soft-eLicenser.

I had just installed the cubase 7 but elicenser needs an activation code and I don’t know can you help me how to activate it.

You need a USB dongle

You need to give more details…Have you bought it used? Are you moving it to a new computer? Do you have the USB elicenser?
Which version exactly do you have?

Hello Guys, i just tried to get the cubase 11 elements trial version but oh my…this activation code thing is a night mare…now when i see posts from 3 years back had the same problem shakes my confidence into this cubase world…why are these so complicated…damn it i downloaded this 15 GB trials verison like 2 times but had the same failure in elicence things…dont we have a tech support