Can not add drive to mediabay.

Before the big windows 10 rollout I decided to upgrade my system disk drive, changeout my videocard (from AMD to Nvidia 970) and do a clean install of windows 8.1, Cubase Pro 8, Wavelab, plugins etc. I also have changed to fully UEFI boot and GPT partitioned drives. I work with a administrator account and I changed a few settings of how things are shown in file explorer (all hidden mapps and files shown e.g.)

I can work with my 2nd SSD drive, it shows up in windows, but I can not add the drive to MediaBay. This worked previously, before computer reconstruction well. Mainly on the left “inspector” side of the screen when I want to add a drive it does not show up. My C-drive as well, shows only a few maps.

What should I change to get the old MediaBay settings for adding a drive and maps?

Sounds like you have the option “Show Managed Locations Only” checked

You were correct.