Can Not download Cubase 6,5

Hi EveryBody!

I have a new cubase 6 from 5 of jan 2012, i have a new e-licenser,i press Mantenance button,
program start scaning things, but nothing change.License not change to 6,5 as was described in instruction bellow.
I have license Cubase 6 all the time and nothing else.

Somebody have Some Advice?


Cubase 6 / Cubase Artist 6 activation between Jan 1 and Feb 28, 2012

01.Start the eLicenser Control Center application, found under Start menu / Programs / eLicenser on a Windows PC or in the Applications folder of Mac OS X. Click on the „Maintenance“ button. Your license will then be replaced by a Cubase 6.5 license and the Steinberg Grace Period site will be opened.

02.Enter your USB-eLicenser number and click „Check for Grace Period Eligibility“. Once your eligibility is confirmed, a download link will be displayed.
03.Download the 6.5 update and start installing.

Latest e-licencer control center?

to Shinta 215

yes , i have last one

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