Can not edit events on duplicated track

I get the same behaviour on CubasePRO 8.5 and on 9.5:

I duplicate audio track (right click on original track).

When I try to edit duplicated track (select part, cut it move it…) both original track and duplicated parts on both tracks get selected simultaneously so I can not edit parts on both tracks individually.
It does happen only on my current project, some other older do not show this issue. I believe it must be something hidden or marked in preferences or settings.
Thank you for your help.


Make sure the tracks are not in the Folder with Group Editing enabled.

Make sure the events are not Grouped (menu Edit > Ungroup).

Make sure it’s not a shared copy (small “triangle” in the right-top corner of the Audio Event).

Hi Martin,

Thank you for kind suggestions. I Have checked them all but my parts / tracks settings meet your criteria.

Since I was in a hurry I did this twist:

  • moved majority of tracks into a folder track
  • left only 4 audio tracks on cubase canvas - my problematic “VEL track” was among them
  • imported “VEL track” from previously saved version of project File/Import/Tracks from project
  • now a copy of “VEL track” appeared on bottom of the project
  • and I could edit the imported (duplicated) audio track as all parts are completely editable and do not interfere with original track.

thank you again!

SOLUTION that worked for me. thanks Martin.Jirsak

  1. select folder track.
  2. Look in inspector on the left, for little orange-illuminated button with two lines on it, for “group editing”.
  3. turn off group editing