Can not enter the Groove Agent 5 Product page since Release

I can not enter the product page of Groove Agent 5 yet. I have been trying everyday but no luck. I can enter any other product page in Steinberg but just the Groove Agent product page is not loading. Does anyone have any idea why?

Maybe they realized that nobody wanted to pay such a high price for a “well-we-have-to-release-something-now” update and shut the page down for a price adjustment :wink:


Steinberg may have a geo-block for countries, in which GA5 is not available through there website…

You may be right. But even so, they did not Geo-block there any other product pages or even more interestingly, they did not block the GA5 ‘buy’ page.

Anyway, this is extremely weird for me.

Then again, it may be just me, because I don’t see any other posts having such inconvenience.