Can not get verification email to reactivate Cubase

I’ve seen this mentioned a few times but haven’t found a solution. I have just built a new PC and want to move my Cubase Elements 8 across to it. From what I understand I must reactivate it through My.Steinberg. Now when I log into My.Steinberg it says for security reason I must verify mu Steinberg ID and I will be sent an email. I have tried so many times and haven’t received the email at all. I have tried different browsers etc and all to no avail. (and no, it’s not in my spam folder).

So, now I am stuck and can’t reinstall it. Can anyone shed any clues as to what I may do or am I just going to have to wait to hear from Steinberg anout it?

Thanks guys

It’s a weekend?

Nah, it would be automated so it should still work on weekends. Worse thing is because I can’t get into my My.Steinberg I can’t lodge a ticket for anything, and trying by phone i’m just waiting on call backs! Not happy!

** All Resolved ** Steinberg fixed the problem for me.