Can not import video file

Hi Nuendo users,
My problem is as discribed.
I follow the instructions, use proper container and codec but on importing video file I got info:

“invalid or not supported file”.

I have downloaded K-Lite Codec Pack Standard and Quick Time 7 for Windows but this didn’t help.

Is it possible to download a video file which should deffinetly work with N10 on Win 7?

My system is:
Nuendo 10.0.20 , Win 7 64bit , NVIDIA Quatro 600


Nuendo no longer uses Quicktime for its video engine – this is, unfortunately, old news. Quicktime was deprecated a long time ago, and is no longer updated or supported by Apple for Windows (i.e. Apple dropped security development suddenly, leaving all Windows users hanging), and so Quicktime is now actually a security risk and should be removed from Windows computers. So Steinberg developed their own in-house engine as of Cubase 9.0.30 and Nuendo 8. So I’m guessing that you were upgrading from an older Nuendo or crossgrading from an older Cubase, right?

Here’s a page of the supported codecs right now. Hopefully more support will follow (as is indicated here and in other posts by Steinberg):

Hi uarte,
thanks a lot for your replay. I must say my problem is solved. I was just my mistake during conversion
of video files, I wanted to use in a project. I just jumped into N8 and N10 right from N3, so there’s a couple
of things for me to learn yet.

Best regards


Glad you got it working! Just remember that if your computer still has Quicktime installed, you should consider uninstalling it since it’s a risk now, and Nuendo no longer needs it!

You can remove the QuickTime Player which is the security problem and not the codecs by doing a Custom Uninstall as seen on the linked page below…

There are quite a few legacy apps still in circulation that use the codecs directly.

Thanks heisenberg9 this could be helpfull