Can not import video into Cubase 553

I know several peoople have this problem, but I really need to import some kind of video into a C5 project.

I have tried:


With various different codecs. NONE of those file formats imports.

I absolutely will not under any circumstances install Quicktime on my machine.

Does anyone have any ideas here?

Thank you.

IIRC, the video engine changed in C5 and only supports Quicktime. :wink:[productfamily]=2&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[product]=160

Thanks for the link.

The link is extremely vague and poorly written. It says that some of the codecs I have tried work, but those codecs do NOT work.

I also heard back from tech support, and I got a response that basically says mp4 should work.

Anyone have any other ideas?


seems pretty straightforward…


What seems pretty straightforward? I see nothing there of the sort.

Thanks for the links Dave. Tho, I really wasn’t looking to go through all of that.

Well, the official word from SB is that video in Cubase will not work without QT installed.

Yet one more reason that people get annoyed with SB.

Maybe I used the wrong term (no native english speaker), it seems pretty clear written , that without quicktime, no video playback…

yeah, you can find enough reasons for anything if you try hard enough.