Can not open a project file - keeps crashing

URGENT - please help!
I have a cubase 6.5 project file that is 3 months old.
I had to go back to make some edits but the project file keeps crashing cubase as it tries to open.
There was about a month’s work in that project!
I will never remember all the edits I did, so hoping someone out there can help?
I have also submitted a support request to Steinberg but you know them…they say it can take MORE THAN 48 hours to answer. Last time they took about 2 weeks and even then didn’t really help.
I found an answer by using google instead!
Maybe I should go and try that again?
What lousy support Steinberg give - ever since Yamaha bought them, I think they must have downsized their support department! :angry:

Number of possible solutions, but since you give no details… .

What changed during these 3 months? Any updates? Are you sure, your plug-ins are up-to-date? Can you try to trash preferences of Cubase? What operating system are you using? What version of Cubase (exactly)? 32/64-bit? Is there any backup file of your project? Is there any crash log or more information about the crash?

I had this happen and it was caused by a bad plugin. For some reason the plugin will work when you are creating the file but will refuse when you close try to re-open it.

Close Cubase. Temporarily rename your VST plugin folder to something else (like "VSTPLUGINs_old) then reopen Cubase and see if the project will open. If it does, then start adding plugins to the VSTPLUGINS folder one at a time until you find the “bad” one.

A lot of time I have found plugins created with “synthedit” are the cause.

It’s tedious but it usually works. If it doesn’t work then you have some other problem. In that case try loading one of the backup project files.

BTW - it would be nice if Cubase could TELL YOU which plugin was causing the problem. :unamused:

Hi Fender 19, thanks for the advice and in fact your work-around is similar to how I eventually resolved the problem.
By the way, 11 days (not 48 hours) after I sent my support request to Steinberg, all they sent me was a link to non-compatible Steinberg plugins that was as useful as a kick in the head and absolutely no help at all! :imp:

So for anyone that might have a similar problem here is how I fixed it

Can not open a project file - keeps crashing due to plug-in VST instrument problem:

I noticed from the OSX mac crash report that gets generated after an application crash, that Groovagent seemed to be causing the problem so I went to:

  1. Users/mac/library/audio/plugins/VST/grooveagent3 and temporarily removed the grooveagent3 plugin to the desktop.
    This allowed the project file to open.

  2. I then removed the absent plugin from the Devices/VST instruments panel.
    Then I resaved the project with no Grooveagent plugin present an quit cubase.

3.moved the plug-in back to its folder (Users/mac/library/audio/plugins/VST/grooveagent3)

  1. Reopened the project and added back the groovagent3 virtual instrument in the VST instruments panel.

This meant of course that I lost what ever settings I had on Groovegagent, but at least I was able to open the project .cpr file.

Man…Steinberg support really sucks!
And finally yes it would be nice if Cubase would have an error message as to what plug-in is causing the problem!
Are you listening Steinberg?

Just received a crazy reply from Steinberg Support:

On 08/04/2013 12:48, “Info Steinberg” <> wrote:

Dear Mr _____,
It is a pleasure for me of knowing that you found a solution about your trouble, However I would inform you, we can just suggest technical solution at our customers by using procedure which are officially tested and approved by our Quality Product Department.


Google translate?

My reply:
Well then I think your Quality product department (whatever that means) needs some urgent quality control help!
Have you ever read Franz Kafka?