Can NOT play imported AVI file...please help!


I am trying to load an AVI video file in Cubase (5 and 6). The loading works but when I play the file, the track stays “white” and I dont see any video?!

It’s an 9.76MB AVI file without audio, S-Mpeg 4 version 3 codec (installed), Frame/s 59.941, length 0:07.441, frames 446, 1920 x 1080 (Gspot info)

What am I doing wrong here? I can play the file in Windows 7 Mediaplayer without problems.
Need some help here! Thank you.

I don’t think drag and drop works for AVI files. Have you tried importing manually?

Hello Erik,

Can you play the video file in Quicktime outside Cubase without problems?
If you can, then Cubase won’t have any problems with it. Cubase uses a Quicktime video engine.
Please try installing the latest version of Quicktime.