Can not quit WaveLab Pro 9.5 Windows 10

When I quit WaveLab Pro 9.5 in Windows 10 the window of WaveLab closes, but when I take a look at the Windows task manager, I see that WaveLab is still active in the background, beside my WaveLab Watchfolders. When I want to start WaveLab again, it doesn’t start, because Windows ‘thinks’ that Wavelab is already active. So I have to quit WaveLab in the task manager first and then I can start WaveLab again.

What can I do to quit and restart WaveLab in the way it has to?

You are using the ctrl + Q command? Not just closing the window with the ‘x’

In the test I tried all options to quit WaveLab, but… When I installed WaveLab on my new Windows 10 PC, I forgot to install the latest version. The problems were at version 9.5.15, but were solved by updating to 9.5.50.
So… Problem solved. Thanks for trying to help me.