Can Not Record Audio in to Cubase

Hi all,

I’m a new member here and I’ve just migrated from Pro tools. I’m having a problem recording audio into Cubase 9.5 Pro either using a mono mic input or an external stereo source hooked to my audio interface. I have read and searched extensively and followed all the steps in settings in my DAW. The configuration I’m using is as follows:

  1. Audio Interface is DAD AX24 8x8 from Digital Audio Denmark which has been serving me well for the last 6 years. It is recognized in Pro Tools as a 192 I/O interface and I record with it using inputs 1&2 (the interface has 2 mic preamps installed in inputs 1&2), while inputs 3 to 8 are used as input buses from my mixing board for recording external sources.

  2. Computer is a Cylinder type Mac Pro with no built in card slots to connect to the audio interface as was the case with my previous tower Mac Pro. So I use Avid HD Native Thunderbolt as a bridge to my audio interface using a Digilink cable.

  3. While this configuration was working with protools in recording audio, that is not the case with Cubase. While the interface is playing back the audio from Cubase, I can not get it to record audio from the assigned input under the audio input/output connections page (F4)

  4. VST Audio System correctly lists the audio interface as 192 I/O#1, but pressing the Control Panel under HD Native Thunderbolt page doesn’t take me to the audio interface software page, but rather directs me to the little Core Audio page and from there, pressing Open Config App takes me to Avid Core Audio manager as seen in the screen shots.

I apologize if the same issue or similar had been addressed in another post but I have no way of verifying that.

I appreciate your advice

I suspect it’s the routing in your mixer.

In Cubase you have input tracks, which you then need to route to the audio track you wish to use to record.
Go to the mixer (F3)
Find the audio track you wish to record on
On top of that mixer channel click on routing and then select the input track you wish to record from
Arm the track and you should be ready to go.

The routing it seems to be ok: input mono in, output stereo 1

I suspect that Cubase inability to address the audio interface software is the reason ( pressing control panel tab doesn’t open the software). I still can’t figure out how to solve that

Just to rule out the obvious…

You did activate monitoring on that track right? You know the little speaker button right next to the record button that will become yellow when activated.

Yes I did