can not record

just got Cubase 6 elements using Tascam fw-1082 i’m having problems recording is there any one else that can help im new to this thanks.

Start here …

Going to need more details if you need further assistance.

Oh, and don’t forget to RTFM! :smiley:

cool im running windows 7 when I go to device setup it says the fw-1082 is the driver in vst audio system , so I assume it is all hooked up ready to record . But when I record nothing records .did I install the Tascam up wrong sound goes into the mixer I see green light indicating it has sound . what is Rtfm ? I have been using Cubase sx for the last 7 years , so I cant figure out how to engage the input for the track you are recording . hope I give enough info sorry newbie.

Go to VST Connections and assign inputs and outputs in the respective tabs, then assign those in the inspector for the tracks you’re trying to record or monitor.

what is the inspector were can I find it, is it ok to assign the inputs as stereo

or do I assign inputs as mono

“The Inspector” - p.29 of the Operation Manual.

RTFM = “Read The Fine Manual” :stuck_out_tongue: