Can not save Instrument Track Mix console

Hi all,

If I select a Trcak instrument in the Mix console and click on triangle up right in the corner, I can not select “Save selected tracks…”. This function seems available only for others type of tracks.

I would like to save the entirely Mix console configuration for each different mix I perform to be able to recall one if I want to start from.

Thanks for help

Yeah- enjoy that little bump in the road. What I have to do is the “export selected tracks” in order to get my instrument mixer settings from one song to another…it seems like Steinberg are making it harder and harder to mix one song and transfer those mix settings to another.

Has anyone made an issue report for this?

Either way, I hope this gets fixed; it’s screwing up my workflow pretty bad.

I think I’ll keep making noise.

I will post an issue report.

Almost 2 months without any replies to the issue post.