Can not trim flow

Hello, by the best of my abilities I can’t trim this flow:

I have tried removing the fermata and pedal line, but it does not help. Popover SHIFT-B and inputting -1 does also have no effect. All signposts are enabled - but there is nothing visible.
Strange: If I input +1 into the popover it will add two bars (so ending up with three extra bars). May be this information helps tracking down my mistake.
can not trim flow.png

Can you attach the project? You can always remove it again after I’ve had a look to tell you what’s up.

Was any of the project imported via XML? If so, check all the text objects (even ones you might think are distant) to see if one is attached to the last bar or closing barline of the flow. Quick fix is often to cut and paste the contents of the troublesome flow into a fresh set of bars. HTH.

Hello Traubitz,
yes, well guessed, it came straight from Sibelius…
I have got help from Daniel, but I will try your suggestion, too, thank you very much.