Can not undo accidental delete of staff names in page mode

Cubase 11
BUG in page mode, accidentally clicked on the staffnames in front of the staff with the eraser tool.(full score)
How to get them back?
‘Undo’ does not seem to work, neither does toggeling all checkboxes or ticks about staffnames
Please do’nt tell me to restart/reset the layout now.

It was a right mouse click actually as I can remember

I’m sorry you’ll have to restart your score from scratch!
Just kidding… Staff names cannot be erased with the eraser tool.
If you removed it with a right click, I suspect that you accidently clicked on Hide/Show.
If this is the case, tick the “Hide” checkbox in the toolbar at the top of the score page, then remove the (colored) “Hide” text near the disappeared staff name in the score.

Staff names cannot be erased with the eraser tool

That’s what I thought too.

if you removed it with a right click, I suspect that you accidentally clicked on Hide/Show.

This is not the case as it would hide just one entry.

And yep I’m having a hard time reproducing myself indeed, it must have been a freak glitch mouse up/down event handling, some race condition perhaps, or me missing something here.

Now - so far I’ve come up with this:

  • In page mode make sure you have staff names left to the staff.
  • select a staff so that it shows the blue selection bar
  • switch to the eraser tool:
  • when you right mouse click on the staff name slowly: the context menu comes up which is okay.

  • when you right mouse click on the staff name very quickly: staff names toggle between above and left of the staff

So far I’m just able to toggle the names with the eraser tool, not to bad but hey.
Note that it does have to be the eraser tool, it can be any mouse cursor. When you click quickly enough the right context menu is bypassed. I’ve tried this on other elements on the page too see what effect it has, but so far only the staff names seem to react on very quick right mouse click.

Thanks for your reply anyways

That said: when there’s a hidden element on the page and it shows “hide”, very fast right mouse clicking will also bypass the context menu and just perform the first entry (in this case “move to layout” whatever that may be). ON ALL hidden elements at once

Ok, at this stage, the only conclusion that I can draw from your description is that your mouse is misbehaving.

Let me explain: I suspect that your mouse generates triple clicks on every single right click. It’s rare but it’s a possibility.
Why do I think that? Because I myself have a mouse that has been defective for years, in the extend that most left clicks turn into double clicks.
And because I very much like my model which is not manufactured anymore, and wanted to keep it, I searched and found a small utility that prevents double clicks or consecutive fast mouse clicks. It works great and I’m still using it.

So my suggestion is : try another mouse and see if the problem still occurs.
It’s worth a shot.

I may be completely wrong, but I can reproduce everything you described, without exception, with 3 fast right clicks.

Will try thanks