Can one move the key signature?


I created a flow starting with an invisible clef.
Reason: I want to use a medieval clef, which I set up as a playing technique.
I would like to add one b - like in F-Major:

If I change the clef to an invisible one, the key signature „b“ moves right to the start of the system:

I don’t have any space to input my „playing technique“ clef:

How can I move the „b“ to the right to get space for my individual clef?
Or is there a way to import one of the medieval clefs into the regular clef palette?
Thank you for help.
where to put the medieval clef.png
invisble clef.png
g clef.png

Use the Edit Symbols feature in Engrave Mode to replace the G clef (or any unused clef with the same transposition e.g. Gclef-8ba) with your own.

Thanks Craig, I followed your instructions and got it working perfectly.

You’re welcome. I’m glad it worked.