can Only Autotune from antares do this?

Good morning, I wanted to ask you if you know of a plugin that does the same thing as the “auto-tune” from Antares, but other than the Antares Autotune, I see that the “melodyne” can “tuning” too, but it can not make the same “robotic” effect than the autotune when I tune the voice to the max with autotune, it creates also a “characteristic” like “little robotic effect”, ¿can I achieve the voice tuning+the “robotic” fx of the Autotune, but with other plugin?

¿Only the Autotune from Antares has the unique characteristic result? Or can I achieve the SAME RESULT as autotune with any OTHER plugin??

Cubase VariAudio can do this, just select all notes, and hard tune to the proper note.

Also RevoicePro can as well.