Can Outputs be reordered in the List view?

Is it possible to reorder tracks in the list view when you read all of them in the mixer?

In this example, PRC MID was created two or three days before PRC hi , PRC LO , I’ve organised to mix with the next to each other, but they appear in sequence of being created, rather than order in the mixer if that makes sense
Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 14.55.26

I am afraid not

You could try this:
-save the project with an alternative name, backup in a couple of names, to be sure not loosing anything. For example in three files: 1 main project, 2 back up project and 3 importing project

-open the “1 main project” and delete all groups

-import the groups from the “3 importing project” IN THE ORDER YOU WANT

-route again all your tracks…

I dont know if it will work for your workflow

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You just need to save, close and re-open the project, and then they’ll be ordered like in the mixer.

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