Can Overlapping Audio Clips on the Same Track be Heard?

Naturally overlapping audio clips on the same track will both sound unless they are prevented. Not sure why they are prevented in Cubase. It is allowed in Studio One, Sonar, FL Studio and Reaper. This is the primary reason I no longer use Cubase. I really need overlapping audio clips on the same track to be heard.

Yes there is a work around offered in the forum but for me it is useless.

Perhaps there is a different work around to accomplish this?
Perhaps use the Sample Track if it allows multiple clips?

So if anyone knows if this was implemented in Cubase 9 please let me know.

Yeah, that would be great to have that option. When I need overlap, I load the sound into NI Battery, though I’m sure there’s a ton of different plugins you could use. I’m guessing that the sampler track will also be a work around. But yeah, it would be a nice feature. They could have a checkbox in preferences so you can have best of both worlds.

" a checkbox in preferences so you can have best of both worlds." is the ideal!

Yes I also wonders if the samples track allows 2 clips that can overlap and both play.

I still prefer the way Studio One, Sonar, FL Studio and Reaper do it directly on the audio track.
No special track or plugin or handling is required.

No Overlapping.
No ARA for Melodyne
no 32 bit plugins

This means very likely I will no longer be using Cubase.
Really to bad as Cubase could be my favorite DAW!

Only one of the Overlapping events is audible. I checked the Cubase Pro 9 manual! Page 173.

So an alternative is it possible to “render in place” two or more overlapping events that are on different tracks. Select the events and “render in Place” to the top track or a new track. This work around would be ok by me, if it only worked.

Can someone please check if this is possible?

The render in place will work. Select the mixdown to one track option


Thanks for your post.

So just to clear things up in my mind.
You can select various audio events which may be overlapping on different tracks and
Bounce in Place or Render in Place and create an new event on a track.

To do this use the Render Tracks dialog box?
Or use the Render Selection dialog box?

Another workaround I’ve used is to duplicate the track and mute everything but the wanted event. Kind of a pain for mixing though having 2 tracks.

You can edit the crossfade options to have both sounds playing at full volume (turn off equal gain and equal power). Then you set it as default.

Most of the time the clips will have a fade in and fade out already.
Not cross-fades but independent fades.
The clips are overlapped with their fades which can be edited if need be.

Many or most DAW’s allow two or more overlapping clips to be heard.

The overlapping issue
the lack of ARA,
32 bit VST’s only
no envelopes and automation on clips/events?
no audio fx on clips/events?
lack of multi-touch support
are preventing me from upgrading to Cubase 9.

Yes there are some work-arounds but not happy with them

Too bad as Cubase would be my preferred DAW. Not only
would it be my main DAW but would likely be my one and only DAW.

Guyz , still no option in cubase 10 for overlapping clips ?

Possibly this will happen in Cubase 10.5.
However I suspect that Steinberg is likely not even aware of our overlapping plight.

Well, it didn’t happen in 10.5 :frowning:

It’s a huge bummer when working with loops that have reverb tail that sticks out of the bar, and also for overlapping vocal takes. Mixing two tracks with overlapping sounds requires creating a bus for it, which complicates routing.

Hope it’ll get implemented at some point.